About Marc

Image Marc Hermans
Marc Hermans was brought up in the picturesque surroundings of Het Land van Maas en Waal (County of Maas and Waal), then a mostly rural landscape between the two rivers. Today, that part of The Netherlands has become very urbanized, as is true for most parts of this small country. Preferring to spend his time outdoors, Marc fell in love with the British landscape and culture and started trying to capture the beauty of it all on his first trips to Yorkshire and Northumberland. Friend and fellow photographer Mark Broadwith offered some much needed guidance in the early days, and Marc’s passion for landscape photography has since become ever stronger. In addition to landscape photography, Marc is unable to resist the temptation of every now and then portraying some of his favourite musicians at work.

The documentary approach to photography is what Marc strongly adheres to. He considers an image to be successful when it evokes an emotional response in the viewer, as well as a sense of being there. Marc greatly admires Joe Cornish’s work, and cites him in saying that he wants “to bring out the landscape and not impose photography upon it”, yet is aware of the paradox that his work needs to have a personal character to be compelling to other people.

Fine art prints of Marc’s photographs are for sale and Marc is available for private commissions, both personal or corporate. In addition, we are happy to discuss licensing Marc’s images for your organisation or other projects like calendars, cards, books or magazines.

The Camera

Marc employs various camera systems. A digital compact is used mainly for sketching, though its quality allows for a good, smaller sized print. Other systems include DSLR’s and medium and large format camera’s with a digital back. Today’s finest optics ensure that nature’s colours can be captured with brilliant clarity and tonality. Marc also uses tripods and he applies neutral density filters to make sure the exposure is within the limits of the camera’s sensor. Other filters are used sparingly, to diminish unpleasant reflections or to subtly enhance colour.

The Negative

Digital post-processing is the modern day equivalent of the photographer’s dark room. Marc generally strives to get it right in camera. However, a certain amount of digital post-processing is always needed, to optimise the quality of the file in terms of sharpness, colour balance and brightness levels. Marc applies as little post-processing as possible, but as much as necessary to arrive at a natural, believable look and feel.

The Print

Fine art prints are printed on heavy weight, archival paper. These should last a lifetime, if not exposed to direct sunlight. Prints can be supplied rolled, mounted on conservation grade, acid-free board, or framed. Each print is personally inspected, titled and signed by Marc.

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